Calvin Marshall, MBA


Calvin has been a leader within start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. With 20 years experience including tenure at FedEx, DHL and Kaplan, Calvin has held positions responsible for launching innovative products, increasing market share and generating growth. 


With a proven record in driving revenue, Calvin has demonstrated leadership in planning and execution with the ability to mobilize and motivate teams in matrix organizations. Calvin has expertise managing the product lifecycle from ideation to end of life including product launches utilizing waterfall and Agile/Scrum methodologies. 


As a guest lecturer, Calvin has shared his knowledge at Northwestern University and at Syracuse University.  He has been a board member on various non-profit organizations.  Calvin has a BA from Viterbo University and an MBA from Syracuse University.  

Calvin has extensive training in Ontological/Phenomenonlogical leadership training and has been operating from those distinctions personally and professionally for over 8 years.

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Meet our team

Scott Forgey

Transformational Sherpa

Scott's life work has been discovering the phenomena at the source of high performance team environments and having diverse teams at all strata align and work as one.   Through his early pursuit of martial arts and Zen, Philosophy and Hinduism in college, and as a trial lawyer, Scott have pursued excellence and the high performance experience of FLOW.   More recently, as a Senior Manager & Faculty Member for Landmark Worldwide, Scott trained over 100,000 people internationally, both privately and as part of businesses and organizations, in the discipline of performance and leadership via the ontological/phenomenological approach originally created by Werner Erhard, Michael Jensen & Allan Scherr.  This methodology is now taught throughout major university business programs by Erhard & Michael Jensen (lectures can be found on YouTube).    

Scott has deep knowledge in the world of communication and performance coaching.  Scott goes beyond mere tips and techniques, how to's and instructions.   Instead, he helps people discover the source of the dynamic of performance, transforming impediments, thereby freeing them to produce real business value and business results.   In this space, high performance teams emerge naturally and organically.  Beyond mere technique, Scott's coaching enables people to develop new capacities, capacities that are real and lasting.

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