We offer management consulting, Agile coaching and organizational transformation for both large and small companies.  From entire installations to working with scrum teams - we empower leaders at all levels of an organization, promoting accountability, ownership resulting breakthrough performance.   Understanding that multiple views of a shared horizon are essential, our practice involves elevating communication to epic qualitative levels, resulting in authentic partnership across the strata of the enterprise.

Our engagements are designed to be more than tips and techniques and "how to".   We dive deep to get to the source of profound and lasting shifts in performance for each role, for teams and for management by using an ontological/phenomenonlogical methodology.   We recommend engagements from 14 to 90 days to create the profound impacts that our method is guaranteed to deliver.


The hidden power of agile

Nearly the entire focus of Agile installation and training is on how to DO Agile.  Agile/Scrum practices, best practices, coaching, certifications, even SAFe all centers on WHAT and HOW.   While this is an important first step, doing is merely the first level of competence; the real power of Agile and Lean methodologies is not found until people are BEING Agile.  Only an ontological-phenomenological model gives direct access to being and can address the inevitable impediments to the HUGE breakthrough results promised by the Agile Manifesto.

Scott's agile origins


Originally a programming enthusiast, Scott left traditional high school in 11th grade to study computers and programming at a local university laboratory school.   By the end of the 12th grade (1980) he had mastered the dreaded card reader and programs such as Fortran, Pascal, Cobol and played with Assembler, but ultimately Scott was headed to law school.  Scott then created a breakthrough law practice.  His office culture was a flat org chart with monthly planning and commitment by the whole team.  The firm was unique in that it had a focus on client experience and usable products - not process.   With irreverent fun and cheeky shenanigans he empowered the team to divide the work and create processes, often with direct input from clients.  Each day the team stood in a circle and created what they would accomplish for the day and week.  He even created his own process map & software suite.  It worked - he had 78% share of the legal market, his staff grew and flourished and clients loved the practice.   Sound familiar to Agile/Scrum players?

Then Scott managed a nearly all volunteer staff surrounding the programs at Landmark Worldwide, having teams fill and produce impeccable 3 and 4 day leadership and communication programs at multiple locations inside of three to 6 week cycles.   He was responsible for the San Jose center and its operations and lead programs and managed teams throughout Europe, Australia, India, Singapore and Thailand.  He then coached and developed teams of leaders in their generating accomplishments, coaching the most senior members of the enterprise.  He became one of the most effective managers and leaders, receiving top honors every year.  Through creation meetings, commitment meetings, stand ups and accomplishment and process reviews, the world of empowerment through authentic communication and commitment that is at the source of Agile/Scrum success is 2nd nature to Scott.

Scott now coaches and works with Agile/Lean thought leaders such as Alex Bould of PayPal/Solutions IQ, Latha Swami of Adysia, John Lowe from Phoenix Technology and Postiquity, Edward Katzin of Nailed for Scale, ALS West's Agile Coaches, etc.

Agile  / scrum

Engagements from coaching to transformations

More than mere coaching.   Transformation.

Bodhakara is an Agile consulting company.  We transform businesses, creating and realizing new and vibrant futures that resonate for all.  Implementing Agile development practices at the enterprise scale requires significant organizational and cultural shifts, which is often disruptive at every level.  We offer coaching for Agile thought leaders and those new to the Agile methodology.